Just Transitions

Ethics in a world of change

Climate change, emerging technologies, and governmental policies are disrupting existing ways of life, the organization of society, and normative orientations. Which societal and normative transitions are instigated by these disruptions? How should these transitions be ethically guided?

This research project develops ethical concepts and frameworks to aid just transitions.

Social morality is in flux, and moral concepts require continuous refinement to be attuned to our rapidly changing world. This research project develops resources for scrutinizing moral and societal transitions and their ethical implications, specifically in relation to climate ethics and the ethics of technology. Key questions include the following:

  • Normative: What makes a social transition just?
  • Descriptive: What mechanisms underlie social, moral, and conceptual changes?
  • Metaethical: Can moral change be reconciled with unwavering moral principles?
  • Anticipatory: What social and moral transitions are likely to occur in the near future?
  • Conceptual: What are fruitful frameworks for theorizing about processes of moral, social and conceptual change?